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The Dutch horticulture sector can definitely make

a positive and sustainable contribution to the global food issue

with their Innovative Greenhouse Technology Systems!

Harm Maters, Managing Director Lotus AgriConsult


Lotus AgriConsult BV is a strategic innovator in horticulture and can advise you regarding integrated chain management (ICM).

Lotus AgriConsult also aims to improve synergy and sustainability in the Dutch horticulture sector.

The driving force behind Lotus AgriConsult is Harm Maters.
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Stimulating sustainable horticulture in the Middle East

Lotus Agriconsult BV took a huge step towards sustainable development in the  Middle East horticulture sector with the unveiling of 4 hectares of new greenhouses. These Turkish greenhouses are all heated using geothermal technology.

North American Strategic Market Developments

Harm got a unique chance to present his vision during the AgroAlimentaria trade show in Mexico for strategic market developments between European & American horticulture sectors.