Our Dutch Greenhouse Technology is adaptable to any climate and any economy in the world. Anywhere from open field to indoor farming!

Lotus AgriConsult firmly believes that Dutch horticulture technology can make a sustainable contribution to the global food issue because it has such a positive impact on nature.


Horticulture has deep roots within the Netherlands. It is a sector with plenty of growth potential and can form a solid basis for year-round healthy food production for everyone – worldwide!


Harm named his company after the Lotus because it is a flower with a strong root system and even stronger DNA. It is also one of the few flowers that can produce beautiful flowers year-round just like we can see ideas grow in Dutch horticulture.

Lotus AgriConsult is a down-to-earth partner keen on working with companies on strategic projects to help the entire sector grow – both locally and globally.

Harm Maters' Vision

We can definitely make a sustainable and durable contribution to the global food issue with Dutch Greenhouse Technology.

Green Farming

Harm Maters was able to set-up a sustainable collaboration between the Netherlands and East Africa by introducing them to Green Farming in the horticulture sector.